New Landmark in Kuwait

Designmark group won the design competition for the new landmark to the upcoming celebrations of 22nd anniversary of the Public Authority for industry of Kuwait. With a total length of 10m, more than 13m height and 12,5m wide the landmark will be made in a shape of a rising sun, illuminating the bright future of the industry of Kuwait.///
To enforce the idea of movement, the shape would not only have to be dynamic in its form, but would also be composed of rotating elements that
 would revolve along a common axis, making the motion not only conceptual, but also real. Another element present in this structure is the subtle hint of the symbol “Q8”, which is the international short way to spell Kuwait.
This can be seen in the “Q” shaped loop, and in the “8” shape that is built with the help of the shadow projected by the same loop. The Landmark will be located closed to the Kuwait airport and will become an iconic touristic spot.